Increase Internal Memory of HTC Explorer (Pico) with Mounts2SD

Most of the owners of HTC Explorer (Pico) phones complain about low internal memory problem. But now the wait is over and there is a simple working solution for it. SpazeDog has brought to us an app which will allow you to increase the internal memory of your phone to upto 2GB and that is a great boost from a pedestrian 90-130MB. A little info about the app now

Mounts2SD is a customizable sd-ext control script that can be used to move content to and from the second sdcard partition known in Android as sd-ext. These scripts comes in many variants with different purposes. Mounts2SD has most of these, and more, build into one single script with and control App used to configure the script options and monitor the current state of each setting. In addition Mounts2SD is also the only script that has a bunch of safe guards build-in for almost any situation, making sure that when things go wrong, the script will adapt and try keeping your phone running 100% and try to make sure that data is not lost or corrupted.
This is ONLY for rooted phones with init.d support. SD-EXT has NOTHING to do with Android itself, but is a hack that operates behind in the linux sub-system. There is NO way to make this work on non-rooted phones with stock kernels. In other words, IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS, DO NOT INSTALL IT. 
So, the team at Pak-Tech Blog decided to test this amazing new app because we believe that everything needs to be tested before we can post it on our blog. The results however were amazing...By following only a few simple steps from the app itself, we managed to increase the internal memory of an HTC Explorer from 127MB to 2GB. A screenshot below for everyone to see.
*Special Thanks to Shaheer Ahmed Khan for providing his HTC Explorer

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  1. at least give me a details on how I want to use mount2sd please....

    1. Well...the app itself is pretty much clear...what information do you seek ?

    2. same thing. increase memory of htc explorer. i'm so sick and tired of htc explorer unable to install apps for simple excuse: low memory space. what I mean is can you give me some instructions on how to use mount2sd to increase memory. tq.

    3. here you go...this is a very detailed description of how m2sd works..

  2. about partition /sd-ext thing, I can't even mount /sd-ext, in fact it always showing errors when mounting /sd-ext.

    fyi, i'm using clockworksmod recovery ver yeah, it always said "error mounting/sd-ext!" when I tried to mount it.

    solutions, please? tq very much.

    1. one thing....are you running stock kernel ?...coz this doesn't work on stock kernels =/

  3. i have a problem with mounts2sd and needs your help ASAP.

    here, i've just partitioned 4gb sd card with sd-ext 1gb and fyi, i have my two apps for my sd: the link2sd and mounts2sd.

    the problem here is the internal memory is seems too different and my failure to install apps is possibly caused by insufficient memory in my phone, although i've just partitioned it a day ago!

    link2sd shows there is 0.98gb internal memory left. so does settings --> storage, same 0.98 here.

    but when i checked throughout the mounts2sd, the internal memory for data is 150mb. what the hell is this?

    even i've just reverse mount then reboot, the internal still remains 150mb. same thing when i tried to disable reverse mount, still at 150mb. i'm getting headache for such of this.

    please sir, give me some solutions. if there is a mistake i've done please let me know cause i'm so sick with low memory warning, it gives me headache every time. help me sir, please.......

  4. Again I ask...are you running this on stock kernel? because it won't work on stock kernels.

    Secondly after creating the ext of 1gb... how much internal storage does it show in the settings ? the place shown in the screenshot...if it shows 150mb then perhaps you skipped a step...however again please confirm that you are not running this on stock kernel...this works on rooted phones running Custom ROMS with Custom Kernels...i'd suggest a 3.0 kernel

  5. I need help to root my htc explorer that is of voda fone. can i root it ?
    please can you send me steps how to root it at my email address


      however you will be trying it on your own risk



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